Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos You're never too old for a glitter tattoo, right? I got my first glitter tattoo last year at a big arts and crafts event and I loved it, and I was so bummed a couple of days later when it started to disappear. I've wanted another one ever ... Hope your summer is getting good! Here's a little kids activity to get you through those non-school months. Lily came home from camp a few days ago with a really neat "Glitter Tattoo". Someone in her group had a glitter tattoo ...

Glitter Tattoos First of all, YBody Glitter Tattoos USA is owned by a mom and all of her employees are moms. To make it even easier for these moms to work, Tal invites all of them to bring their kids to work! They have a fun play room for the ... Glitter tattoos are all the rage! Add some extra fun to the holiday with these July Fourth glitter tattoos.


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